Corporate Overview

Headquartered in Hong Kong and listed on the SGX Mainboard since April 2005, C&G Environmental Protection Holdings Limited (“C&G” or “the Group”) (formerly C&G Industrial Holdings Limited), is a leading Waste-to-Energy (“WTE”) investor and operator.

Specialising in the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of WTE plants, C&G is led by professional industry veterans with a wealth of experience in WTE technology management, infrastructure development and are well-respected and connected with industry players.

C&G invests in, constructs, operates and maintains waste incineration power plants for the treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) under the Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT”) investments schemes. Under the BOT scheme, recurring revenue from the Group’s WTE business comprises mainly Power Generation and Waste Handling Fee. C&G is committed to the preservation of its environment and the improvement of quality of living through the latest waste treatment technology.

C&G currently operates six WTE plants: Jinjiang, Hui’an, Anxi, Fuqing, Jianyang in Fujian; and Huangshi in Hubei, as well as a sludge treatment plant in Jinjiang. An additional five more plants are slated to commence operation in 2014-2016: Langfang in Hebei; Xiaogan in Hubei; Dalian in Liaoning, Guiyang in Guizhou and Bangkok in Thailand.