Senior Management Speech

Lin Yan, Chairman of Board of C&G 

As an international enterprise with commitment to the environment, C&G aims at pursuing the goal by means of commercialization of WTE business and adopts "Improving the environmental quality and creating man and nature worthiness" as the enterprise's vision.

In order to achieve the enterprise's goals and vision, we adopt technological innovations as basis for development, combining with investment capital and networks with governmental bodies so as to successfully promote the commercialization of WTE business and bring sustainable value to the society and the enterprise. C&G not only carries the responsibility to enhance shareholders value, but also to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Adhering to rigid business norms and collecting inexhaustible business intelligence, we endeavor to bring the best balance between economic development and environmental protection, and promote harmonious integration of municipal development and environment.

We are glad to see and share our prosperous business performance!