WTE Technology & Process

Waste is delivered to incineration power plant by trucks. After being weighed by platform balance, the truck will unload the waste through refuse discharging door into refuse pit. Brought by the waste crane to the feeder, the waste is then burnt in the incinerator. Fan coil unit is attached to the refuse pit, the stench of the waste will be conducted to the furnace at 850 - 1100 ℃ for heat decomposition and turned into odourless gas.

Burning flames and high temperature flue gas, through the circulating boiler, generates high temperature steam as power for the steam turbines and dynamos. Boiler, steam turbines and dynamos are managed and monitored by the central control unit. Slag after combustion drops into slag-out equipment for cooling down, then delivered to brick factory for integrated use. Fly ashes collected by the pre-processed electrical dust precipitator system are not hazardous, they are sent to cement factory or mixing station for integrated use. Fly ashes collected by semi-dry flue gas cleaning device are hazardous. They are sent to solidifying workshop for cement conservation and safely buried in the landfill.

Leachate is processed according to national requirements prior to being released. Flue gas is treated in accordance with environmental protection standard before being conducted to chimney by induced draft fan.